Henna Crowns

SARAHENNA offers henna crowns by donation for those who have lost their hair during chemotherapy. Henna crowns offer an alternative to wigs and hats, which can be especially welcome during the summertime. We always use 100% organic henna leaf powder and lavender essential oil to create our crowns. The artwork lasts 1-3 weeks.

Sarah's henna crowns have been featured on BBC, CNN, ABC News, People Magazine, Buzzfeed, NBC's Evening Magazine and more.

If you survive chemo, then you are a queen and you deserve a crown.
— Chanel White, The Tube Fed Wife

Emmy award-winning story by NBC journalist John Sharify. View the full article here

I can not thank you enough for my beautiful Henna Crown. The whole experience had been so positive and empowering. When I left the shop was the first time I’d had gone in public with my head uncovered. Everyone I encountered was so kind and encouraging. Every public place a stranger would comment so positively on the beauty of my crown My crown has lasted a full three weeks [and] is just now wearing off in spots. I wish everyone could experience the same joy I have and plan on paying this kindness forward for the rest of my days. God bless you.
— Leslie M.
Thank you for helping me to feel beautiful with the crown.
— Jenn M.
EVERYWHERE I go, at least a few people comment on how beautiful my crown is. I find that I actually look forward to going out in public now, to see who might have the courage to approach me to talk about my head :) Your art has empowered me!
— Michelle B.
Thank you again for giving me such an incredible gift. I feel like a walking work of art! We so enjoyed getting to know you. You are an amazing artist and such a gracious person.
— Kayla H.
I just wanted to thank you again for the gift of the beautiful henna crown. I get compliments daily. People have said I look beautiful. It has been so uplifting! My oncologist and the cancer center loved it.
— Cynthia Q.
The henna crown was so beautiful. And still is!! ... I also think it is wonderful that you offer the henna crown for free to cancer patients. It is such a positive memory during a time that can be filled with scary stressful ones.
— Chris V.


SOULUMINATION - "Soulumination celebrates the lives of children and parents facing life-threatening conditions by providing professional photographs of these special individuals and their families, free of charge." We personally know Soulumination's gracious and caring founder, Lynette Johnson and cannot recommend their services enough.

CAMP KESEM - "Supports children through and beyond their parent’s cancer." A national program with a camp based out of the University of Washington, they are open to all.

CREATE A CROWN FOR SOMEONE YOU LOVE - We sell organic henna crown kits from our online shop. This is the same product that we use for our own clients.

Henna Crown Kit
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This page is dedicated to Ruby, whom I had the honor and privilege of hennaing with this tree of life in 2012. Photo and permission graciously given by Kate Smith.