Mefix aftercare tape

Mefix aftercare tape


Mefix is an excellent alternative to finishing spray. Applied over a just-dry henna design, Mefix tape will gradually become stickier as it warms to your body temperature and adhere securely. When you're ready to remove your henna, simply peel the tape back and most of the paste will come off with it! Super easy.

Mefix is particularly well-suited for body pieces away from joints, such as backs, bellies, arms and legs.

It is a medical tape, so it's safe for use on skin and you can feel confident using it for your clients. I've found Mefix to be superior in it's gentleness and effectiveness. Mefix is hypoallergenic, so it won't cause irritation to skin like some other medical tapes.

One roll, 2" x 11 yards

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