henna Design time referenCES

2-3 Minute design

About 25 designs per hour. These sample-sized designs are ideal for large corporate or school events. At a more formal or intimate function, it may feel a bit assembly line due to the speed.

3-4 Minute design

About 15-20 designs per hour. These offer a bit more detail than the 2-3 minute designs, but are still simple enough to complete very quickly. Glitter embellishment is always available upon request!

5 minute design

About 12 designs per hour. For groups of 25 or more, this is our standard pace. It's a nice balance of speed and design intricacy, allowing guests more beautiful patterns while still keeping the line moving relatively fast.


7 minute design

About 8-9 designs per hour. This allows a bit more embellishment, such as fingertip accents or more detail in the main design itself.

10 minute design

15 minute design


30 Minute design


45 Minute design

1 hour design

Total time for both designs shown.