Sarah - Owner & Principal Artist

Photo by Inese Photography

A longtime artist searching for her medium, Sarah discovered henna in 2008 and was fascinated with the intricacy and beauty of traditional Indian designs. She'd always been intrigued with other ephemeral art forms like the sand mandalas created by Tibetan monks; and found herself wanting to learn more about the art form. She began studying the work of other henna artists and spent several years practicing and perfecting her homemade henna blend. She eventually left her corporate career in data analytics to focus on her art full time.

She specializes in blending traditional design elements with a modern style. She loves the unique experience of adorning pregnant bellies, offering henna crowns to those who have lost their hair during chemotherapy, and creating one-of-a-kind designs for private appointments.

Sarah has instructed at a global conference for henna artists in sunny southern California:

I love henna as a unique art form, and also as a way of connecting with people. In our increasingly electronic world, these connections -however brief- help to fulfill our basic human need for real contact with others.
— Sarah

Rebekah - Lead Artist

Sarah's sister Rebekah joined the business in 2011. Her skill and passion for the art developed rapidly -- is there a henna gene?

They regularly work together at bridal parties, festivals and other large events. Rebekah loves the energy of hennaing at parties, and specializes in intricate designs using traditional motifs. When she's not doing henna, she's usually out and about with her adorable twins.

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Bethany - HENNA & Glitter Artist & ON-SITE COORDINATOR

Sarah's sister Bethany joined SARAHENNA in 2012 as our on-site booth coordinator providing customer care and support for the artists. Inevitably she began doing henna as well, and you'll now find her at many of our largest events and gatherings.

Bethany is also ALL about the glitter, sparkles and bling and is our dedicated glitter artist. We're thrilled she's bringing the bling to SARAHENNA!

When she's not offering henna or glitter art at our large events, she is our go-to for managing large crowds and keeping things moving. She engages the guests, explains the process, handles all questions and aftercare and keeps things flowing smoothly and efficiently.