JAGUA body art

Jagua is a tropical rainforest fruit (genipa americana). It's juice stains the skin a deep blue/black and has historically been used by South American Indians for body painting (citation). We buy the fresh fruit juice from Fresh Jagua, the leading supplier of jagua, and mix a paste using organic sugar, orange essential oil and cassia powder (cassia obovata).

Like henna, jagua stains the top few layers of skin and remains for 1-2 weeks. It will be darkest where skin is thickest: on the palms and soles; and lighter on the torso.

People love the look of jagua body art because it looks so much like a permanent tattoo.


Safety Information

As with any food product, there is always the possibility of allergic reaction in sensitive individuals. Jagua is a citrus fruit, and so people who are allergic to citrus (in particular strawberries or pineapple) should get a patch test before having a full design done.

We source our product exclusively from Fresh Jagua, the industry leader in sustainable, fair-trade harvesting and safe production.

Please note: Jagua is NOT "black henna". The term "black henna" does not have a legal definition, and could refer to any number of products - some of which are quite toxic (read more here). These products can lead to very serious reactions in anyone because they often contain high levels of petrochemicals, therefore it is not an allergy but a response of the body to a dangerous foreign substance.