Pure Jagua™ Powder

Pure Jagua™ Powder

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Available exclusively here! Mix Pure Jagua™ Powder with water to create brilliant blue stains, or blend with henna in varying ratios to get colors ranging from brown to deep eggplant-black.

Ingredients: organic jagua powder (Genipa americana), organic cane sugar, organic xanthan gum

Our Pure Jagua™ Powder can be stored at room temperature for several months, and will keep best in the freezer. Every purchase includes complete storage instructions, recipes and aftercare.

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* Jagua is an unpasteurized berry and may cause an allergic reaction in sensitive individuals. In particular, those with berry or tropical fruit allergies should avoid products containing jagua.

What is jagua?

Jagua is a tropical rainforest fruit, technically a berry, found in Central and South America. The juice of the fruit stains the top few layers of skin, typically lasting for 1-2 weeks until it fades due to exfoliation.

All of our Pure Jagua™ products are sourced using sustainable, fair-trade harvesting and exceptional safety protocols for production.