Pure Jagua™ Kit, organic

Pure Jagua™ Kit, organic


Make your own jagua and create gorgeous blue-black stains! Contains 100% organic ingredients, and everything you need to make about 2 dozen medium-sized designs.


  • Organic Pure Jagua Powder (Genipa americana)

  • Organic Cajeput essential oil (Melaleuca minor)

  • Squeeze bottle applicator

  • Oil pipette

  • Gloves

  • Carrot bag

    Recipe and complete instructions

  • Aftercare instructions

  • Design sheet for inspiration

How much will this make?
The included ingredients will fill the applicator bottle twice.  Each bottle makes about a dozens medium sized designs, and many more small designs. You can mix a batch, fill your applicator and then freeze the rest. It will keep for months!

About applicators
Pure Jagua™ can be applied with a variety of tools, most commonly using small squeeze bottles or hand-rolled cones. Squeeze bottles generally provide better results for beginners because they are easier to learn, so this is what you'll find in this kit. Bottles are also re-usable, making them more eco-friendly! They do require more hand strength and as a result your muscles may fatigue more quickly. Eventually many artists switch to hand rolled cones. If you'd like to give these a try, you can add them on here: hand rolled cones. Or, save money and learn to roll your own cones! You can buy pre-cut material here: cello rectangles.

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* Jagua is an unpasteurized berry and may cause an allergic reaction in sensitive individuals. In particular, those with berry or tropical fruit allergies should avoid products containing jagua.

What is jagua?

Jagua is a tropical rainforest fruit, technically a berry, found in Central and South America. The juice of the fruit stains the top few layers of skin, typically lasting for 1-2 weeks until it fades due to exfoliation.

All of our Pure Jagua™ products are sourced using sustainable, fair-trade harvesting and exceptional safety protocols for production.