Lemongrass Essential Oil, wildcrafted

Lemongrass Essential Oil, wildcrafted

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Fresh and bright, lemongrass (cymbopogon flexuosus stapf) is one of our favorite oils to combine with lavender. Everyone loves this scent when we bring it to parties!

Lemongrass essential oil is wonderful as an added fragrance but cannot be used in place of a base “terp” oil (terp oils) as it does not have the necessary monoterpene alcohol content. We like to add 1-2 ml per 100g of henna powder.

The oil has been carefully sourced and is intended for aromatherapy and therapeutic applications. It is harvested and hydro-distilled. Hydro-distilled means that no chemicals or harsh solvents are used to produce the oil, resulting in an exceptionally high quality, gentle product.

Wildcrafted. Hydro-distilled.

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