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Hydrosols are a safe and less expensive way to enjoy fragrances in your henna paste or homemade finishing sprays. We love mixing our henna with cajeput essential oil and a splash of frankincense hydrosol. It smells divine!

Our hydrosols are 100% pure botanical extracts (don’t confuse them with knockoff floral waters, which are simply a few drops of essential oil blended into water!). They make wonderful bedding and aromatherapy sprays, and body mists.

4 oz, comes in a food-grade quality plastic bottle.


  • Hydrosols cannot be substituted for your "terp" oils in your henna paste (such as cajeput, tea tree or lavender). They are meant for adding fragrance only.

  • Store in the refrigerator for extended shelf life, as they do not contain preservatives.

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Many hydrosols smell much like their essential oil counterparts, but some are surprisingly different! Our lavender hydrosol, for example, has a bright and somewhat spicy scent rather than floral.