Henna powder combo pack

Henna powder combo pack

from 18.25

Love to blend your powders, or just want to try both and compare?

This pack includes our popular Suraja henna powder with the tried-and-true Jamila powder. Try them individually and compare, or blend together to find your perfect consistency!


100g of each - receive one package of each powder

50/50 kilo - Get the bulk kilo discount, but with 5 packages of each powder.

About the powders

Suraja is my organic Rajasthani henna. It'sultra-fine sifted, and exceptionally silky. Rajasthani powders tend to be more stringy, lending themselves well to the draping technique. Jamila is a Pakistani henna, and tends to be much more creamy. Jamila fans appreciate the non-stringy consistency particularly for making dots and teardrop shapes. 


Each package contains 100 grams of powder (makes about 300-400 small designs). To maintain freshness, store in a cool, dark location. After opening the package, reseal tightly to minimize exposure to air.

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