Henna Party Kit

Henna Party Kit


Have a henna party! This kit contains everything you need to mix your own henna paste, plus glitter and bindis for some bling.


How much will this make?
The supplies in the kit will make two recipes. Each recipe will make about 3 ounces of henna paste (fills the applicator bottle 6 times), for a total of about 12 bottles. Each bottle will make dozens of small to medium sized henna designs. You can mix a batch, fill your applicator and then freeze the rest. It will keep for months!

About applicators
Henna can be applied with a variety of tools, most commonly using small squeeze bottles or hand-rolled cones. Squeeze bottles generally provide better results for beginners because they are easier to learn, so this is included in the kit. Bottles are also re-usable, making them more eco-friendly! They do require more pressure and as a result your muscles may fatigue more quickly. Eventually many artists switch to hand rolled cones. If you'd like to give these a try, you can add them on here: hand rolled cones. Or, save money and roll your own cones! You can buy pre-cut material here: cello rectangles.

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