Finishing Spray

Finishing Spray

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Protect your henna design with a spritz or two of finishing spray. Finishing spray locks in moisture and seals the design against the skin to ensure beautiful results! Pure artesian water blended with organic cane sugar and fresh hydrosols will add a lovely dose of aromatherapy to your henna sessions. We always use our finishing spray to ensure best results and provide a nice touch to conclude the session. Our clients love it! Easy to use, and no mess.

Several lush scents to choose from:

  • Rose Petal - (Top Seller) Sweet, fresh Turkish rose. Gentle and relaxing.

  • Nag Champa - (Top Seller) Rich and sensuous with mellow sandalwood

  • SARAHENNA Signature - Clients love it! We bring this blend to every event, appointment and bridal party. It’s a unique and intoxicating aroma with a hint of spice and warm floral notes.

  • Lavender Rose - High-altitude lavender essential oil with Turkish rose. Sweet, relaxing and gentle

  • Bali Breeze - Fresh, tropical flowers and citrus (LIMITED AVAILABILITY)

  • Spicy Chai - Yum! Spicy and sweet, with a hint of citrus.

  • Sanctuary Blend - Infused with ancient frankincense and sweet orange

  • Mojito - Fun, fresh lime and mint *

* Our blend is made with distilled lime which is not phototoxic - so it is safe for skin

Spritz your finished design from about 8-10 inches above. You can spray once or twice immediately, no need to wait. If you have time, you can spritz it once more after the design has dried. Works beautifully with our fresh henna paste and our jagua paste.

2 oz fine mist bottle. Contains no preservatives, other than a dash of organic lemon juice. Store in refrigerator to preserve freshness.

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