Cassia powder, organic

Cassia powder, organic


Cassia powder (cassia obovata) is an excellent deep conditioner for the hair, leaving it soft, shiny and silky. Use on it's own as a luxurious treatment for your hair without adding color. Or, blend with henna to yield more golden highlights to the red tones of the henna.

To maintain freshness, store in a cool, dark location. After opening the package, reseal tightly to minimize exposure to air.

How much should I buy?
The amount of powder required to dye your hair will vary based on the thickness and length of your hair. If you have thick hair, or perhaps it's thin but you've been told you have "a lot of hair", you may want to choose the next higher quantity of powder. The total grams listed are the combined amount of henna + cassia, if you are blending the two. If you have curly hair, make sure to estimate based on it's length when wet.

Chin length hair: 100 grams
Shoulder length: 200 grams
Long (4" past shoulders): 300 grams
Add 100 grams for each additional 4" of hair

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Each package contains 100 grams of powder. USDA / OTCO certified organic.

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