Bulk Finishing Spray

Bulk Finishing Spray

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No need to keep buying spray bottles, refill yours with your favorite scent. Save 20% off 2 oz pricing. Finishing spray locks in moisture and seals the design against the skin to ensure beautiful results! Pure artesian water blended with organic cane sugar and fresh hydrosols will add a lovely dose of aromatherapy to your henna sessions. We always use our finishing spray to ensure best results and provide a nice touch to conclude the session. Our clients love it! Easy to use, and no mess.

Several lush scents to choose from:

  • Rose Petal - (Top Seller) Sweet, fresh Turkish rose. Gentle and relaxing.

  • Nag Champa - (Top Seller) Rich and sensuous with mellow sandalwood.

  • SARAHENNA Signature - Clients love it! We bring this blend to every event, appointment and bridal party. It’s a unique and intoxicating aroma with a hint of spice and warm floral notes.

  • Lavender Rose - High-altitude lavender essential oil with Turkish rose. Sweet, relaxing and gentle

  • Bali Breeze - Fresh, tropical flowers and citrus (LIMITED AVAILABILITY)

  • Spicy Chai - Yum! Spicy and sweet, with a hint of citrus.

  • Sanctuary Blend - Infused with ancient frankincense and sweet orange

  • Mojito - Fun, fresh lime and mint *

* Our blend is made with distilled lime which is not phototoxic - it is safe for skin

8 oz bottle. Does not contain sprayer - this is meant to refill the individual finishing spray bottles. Contains no preservatives. Store in refrigerator to preserve freshness.

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