Biodegradable Glitter Dust - Seafoam

Biodegradable Glitter Dust - Seafoam

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~ Seafoam is a magical shade which appears white in the bottle, but when applied to henna and exposed to light it glimmers in watery blues and greens! It’s a festival favorite! ~

(Photo color is over-saturated so the effect is more visible)

We’re so excited to offer this environmentally responsible alternative to standard plastic glitters! Our biodegradable glitter dust is made from eucalyptus tree cellulose. It works just as beautifully as plastic, but with the added benefit of being gentler on the Earth and it is marine-safe too!

Our 10 and 20 gram quantities are packaged in an squeeze bottle, easy to poof onto wet henna paste. The 4 oz bulk refill is packaged in a plastic bag for you to refill your applicators. The glitter will cling to the design, making it colorful, sparkly, and extra fun!

Our glitter is cosmetic grade. This means it is specially cut to leave no sharp edges, so it’s safe and non-toxic for use on skin.

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