Artisan Blend Essential Oils, organic

Artisan Blend Essential Oils, organic

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SARAHENNA artisan blended essential oils offer the perfect balance of function and aromatherapy. These are my favorite combinations, that I go back to again and again when mixing my own fresh paste.

Each blend begins with a high-terp base oil, then is combined with other high quality, organic essential oils to create a unique scent that you and your clients will love.

Choose from the following aromas:

  • Orange Spice (sweet orange, cajeput and clove bud) Warm and comforting, like your favorite hot tea.
  • Earth Mama (cajeput and lavender) Warm, spicy and fragrant
  • Tree Hugger (cajeput, lemongrass and cedarwood) Fresh, bright and summery
  • Masala (cajeput, sweet orange, cardamom and clove bud) Exotic and reminiscent of spiced chai
  • Secret Garden (lavender and lemongrass) Floral and fresh, like a bouquet

OTCO/USDA certified organic. Steam distilled. (No chemicals or solvents are used to produce the oil during the steam distillation process, resulting in an exceptionally high quality product.)

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