How to Make Jagua Henna

Jagua henna is a safe, all-natural way to get super dark, gorgeous stains. Henna powder alone is naturally a rich reddish-brown color, while jagua alone is a deep blue. Mix the two together, and you get gorgeous eggplant-to-black tones!

Since both are all-natural ingredients, they are perishable - so you'll always get the best results if you DIY. Not only that, but you can customize the recipe for varying shades of red/brown/black!

When you mix your own jagua henna, you get to customize the scent, color and consistency to be exactly how you like it!

This is my tried-and-true jagua henna recipe. It's what I use for my clients, and get stains like these:



Start with the right products to get the best results!

First, make sure you're starting with fresh, high quality ingredients. If you make a salad with old, wilted produce it is not going to taste the same as if you used fresh ingredients - right? The same is true with jagua henna. Buy your supplies from a reputable artist for best quality. Even better if they are certified through Products on store shelves or at markets may be old, not stored properly and therefore will have poor results.

  • Bowl and spatula/spoon (any will do, but plastic, rubber or other porous materials may stain permanently)
  • Cling wrap
  • Carrot bag
  • Pure Jaguaâ„¢ Juice (2 oz)
  • Suraja organic henna powder (25-30 grams)
  • Essential oil (You must use a high "terp"  oil such as cajeput, tea tree, or Bulgarian lavender.)
  • Sugar (We prefer organic cane sugar)
  • Applicator (rolled cones or squeeze bottles)


This recipe makes about 2.5 ounces of jagua henna paste, which is enough for dozens of designs (about 5 applicator bottles or 4 of our hand rolled cones). We always recommend using a scale to measure your ingredients, because your results will be far more consistent! We've also included volumetric numbers as well for convenience.

STEP 1 - Measure out the following ingredients: 20 grams henna powder, 10 grams sugar, 6 ml essential oil and 1.5 oz jagua juice. Notice we aren't using all of the jagua juice or henna powder. This is because we'll need a little extra later on to get the consistency of the paste just right.


Precise measurement with a scale will help to ensure you get perfect results, every time!

STEP 2 - Add your henna powder and sugar to the mixing bowl first, then the jagua juice, followed by the essential oil. Mix together well. The paste should be a bit thick but all ingredients blended thoroughly. Don't worry about small lumps, those will mostly dissolve later.


STEP 3 - Cover with cling wrap. You don't have to be too careful about it - the idea is just to keep the paste from drying out. Now, let it sit! If you keep it a warm (not hot) location such as the top of your fridge or under a stove light, it will be ready in about 3 hours. (Note: 3-4 hours is typical for Suraja henna powder, but results may vary if you're using other brands.)


STEP 4 - Time to get it to the perfect consistency! You should have saved a bit of your jagua juice, which you can now use to thin out your paste a bit. Add a very small amount to the mixture (maybe a teaspoon), and stir it up really well. Continue to add jagua juice, a little at a time, with lots of mixing between each addition until it reaches the consistency you want. More mixing = silkier paste! With practice, you'll get a feel for how thin you prefer your jagua henna. If it ends up too thin, just add a little of your reserved henna powder.


At first it will be pretty thick. As you keep mixing and adding tiny amounts of jagua juice, it will gradually thin out. On the right, perfection!


Here's the consistency we're going for. This video is for henna paste, but jagua henna paste looks just the same:


STEP 5 - Scoop your silky paste into a carrot bag. Then, snip the tip and fill your applicators (need help?). Seal your cones securely with tape, and you're ready to go!

Propping the bag/cone in a drinking glass will help keep it upright while you fill it.

Freeze the paste you aren't using right away to keep it fresh for several months. For best results, store your filled applicators in a Ziploc freezer bag in the back of the freezer.


Naturally dark jagua henna using pure, organic ingredients!


I hope you enjoyed my tutorial! How did this work for you?