Filling Henna Cones

This is how I fill my henna cones. The same technique can be used for filling bottles: just fill a little at a time and tap the bottle against the counter frequently to work out air bubbles.

Video is silent. You can view a text version below.

  1. Cut the tip of the carrot bag (I like a 1/2" opening, roughly).

  2. With the bag as far into the cone as possible, squeeze out some of the henna to fill the tip of the cone.

  3. Use your thumb and forefinger to force the henna down close to the tip, leaving about 1/4" of space so that it doesn't ooze out too easily.

  4. Squeeze more henna into the cone, holding the tip of the bag close to the surface of the henna inside the cone as you go. This helps to prevent air bubbles (which can be annoying to encounter while you work!).

  5. Stop when the cone is about 2/3 full.

  6. Flatten the open end of the cone and fold the sides inward at an angle, so that one side lays across the other.

  7. Roll the end down a couple of times and tape to secure. Roll down the rest of the way, and secure with another piece of tape. (If you fold one end of the tape, you can create a little "tab" that will allow you to easily remove and re-tape as you're using the cone to adjust the pressure).