How to use Transfer Paper

Transfer paper is an awesome solution for those who struggle with symmetry, complex brain-teaser type designs (such as Celtic knotwork) or anyone who feels more confident being able to draw out a design before applying it to the skin.

With transfer paper, you start with either a drawing that you've created or one that you've printed out. Use the transfer paper to copy it right over to your skin, and then you can apply your henna or jagua paste right over it! Watch our instructional video for complete step-by-step instructions. You'll find a text version below for easy reference.



Transfer Paper
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  1. Gather your supplies: transfer paper, ballpoint pen, drawn or printed design, witch hazel or rubbing alcohol, cotton ball
  2. Clean the skin where you want the design applied (use soapy water, witch hazel or rubbing alcohol).
  3. Remove the middle protective layer of paper from the transfer sheets.
  4. With the plain tissue side facing up, lay your design on top of that.
  5. Trace over your design firmly with a ballpoint pen.
  6. Cut out your design from the plain tissue paper and make note of the side that has the ink on it.
  7. Wet the skin, where you're applying the design, with a cotton ball dampened with witch hazel or rubbing alcohol. It should be damp, but just lightly. If it's too wet, the ink will bleed! You can do a practice run with a very simple design a couple of times to get the hang of it. Note: We prefer witch hazel, as it's gentler and not as drying. You can also use a gel deodorant on the skin (apply liberally), however this isn't our preferred method because it inhibits the henna/jagua stain a bit.
  8. While the skin is still wet, place the tissue paper with the ink against the skin. Press it down gently with your hand, and hold in place for a few seconds.
  9. Remove the tissue, and you'll see the design has transferred to skin!
  10. Wait 20-30 seconds for it to fully dry, then trace over the ink with your henna or jagua paste! The ink will fade in a day or so. Have fun!