How to Glitter Your Henna Perfectly!

Applying glitter to your henna designs is a sure way to get people talking about your work!  There are a couple of little tricks we'll teach you here to help you get it looking perfect.


The first (and possibly the most important) step is to start with super clean skin! We prefer to use witch hazel, as it is gentle and safe, and leaves no residue on the skin.  Clean skin means the glitter will stick only to the henna (and not the skin) - looking crisp and beautiful.


Create your henna or jagua design.




While the paste is still wet, "poof" the glitter all over the design*. Hold the bottle at an angle, while leaving an air pocket in the tip. Airflow will help ensure the glitter flows smoothly out of the bottle. If the glitter isn't coming out, it's because there's no air. Shake the bottle a little as needed to make some space in the tip.

Poof from all angles so that you coat all "sides" of the paste with the glitter. This really makes it pop!

* If the glitter isn't sticking to the design very well, it's because the paste is starting to dry. On very warm days, or if you're creating a larger design, you may have to "glitter as you go" in order for it to stick properly.


Blow away the excess glitter from the skin. Baby nasal aspirators work great for this, or even a small handheld fan. You can also use a soft makeup brush to dust around the edges (be careful not to bump your design).


These are a few of our favorite glitter colors. Check out the full selection here!


What did you think? Was this helpful? Let us know your comments below! Questions are OK too, but to ensure we see them we recommend emailing us directly.