Glitter Gel Set

Glitter Gel Set


Save $5 and stock up on a set of 7 glitters! This set includes a variety of 7 popular colors (not necessarily identical to the photo displayed). Please indicate in the comments if you have a specific color request.

Bling up your henna! Perfect for parties or anytime you want to add some sparkle. Embellish your designs with my aloe vera based glitter gel for an eye-catching look. Glitter gel lasts just for the day and does not stain, although occasionally some residual color may remain until the skin is washed with soap and water. Packaged in a squeeze bottle for easy application. Each bottle contains 1/2 oz of glitter gel - enough for dozens of applications. This glitter is made of cosmetic-grade polyester that is is specially cut to leave no sharp edges, which means it is safe and non-toxic for use on skin.

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NEVER use craft glitters on your skin. If it is not labeled "cosmetic grade", it is not safe for use on the body! Craft glitters are made with metal, glass or plastic and are cut into sharp hexagonal shapes. Because of this, they are dangerous to use on the skin - particularly on the face near the eyes where damage can be much more serious. Only use cosmetic-grade glitter with your henna and on your skin.