Aftercare Balm

Aftercare Balm

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Our all natural henna balms are individually blended and hand-poured, using ingredients you can feel good about supporting and wearing! Unrefined, fair trade African shea butter for moisture; raw, organic coconut oil to nourish; pure, filtered, cosmetic-grade beeswax for protection against the elements and organic essential oils for a little aromatherapy.

Henna designs fade naturally as your skin exfoliates and sloughs away. Natural waxes and oils, like these balms, will help to slow the process and preserve your design as long as possible. Coconut oil alone works great, but I developed these balms using beeswax, which does an exceptional job protecting your henna! I recommend applying before you bathe and an additional 1-2 times per day for best results.

  • Orange Lemongrass - Bright, summery and refreshing. Sweet orange* and lemongrass*
  • Lavender Lemon - Relaxing and inviting, with lavender* and lemongrass*
  • Orange Clove - Sweet and spicy, with sweet orange* and Madagascar clove bud*
  • Pure Lavender - Floral, fresh and light pure organic lavender*
  • Cardamom + Clove - Warm, spicy and cozy, with Indian cardamom* Madagascar clove bud*

* USDA certified organic

1/2 oz tube. Contains no preservatives. Store in a cool location away from sunlight to preserve freshness and prevent melting.

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